John Chambers (CEO Cisco Systems)  1999 COMDEX Conference
The next big killer application for the Internet is going to be education. Education over the Internet is going to be so big it is going to make e-mail look like a rounding error.

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Duncans MindLeaders Course FAQs

What browser version do I need to take the MindLeaders courses?

Netscape Navigator or Internet Explorer 4.x or higher.

After I type all the information at the Duncans MindLeaders Signon page,  I press "Enter" and nothing happens. Why?

The mouse must be used to click SIGNON to continue to the course list.

When clicking "Do It" while taking a MindLeaders course from the Internet, I am taken to a white page with a Shockwave link.

Authorware Web Player is a plug-in that expands the functionality of the browser. Some MindLeaders courses make limited use of Authorware Web Player in order to more closely simulate the actual application. These product simulations are optional, so you don't have to download this plug-in. If you decide to run the simulations, download the latest version of Authorware Web Player to view the course. After clicking the Authorware Web Player link on the white page, follow the instructions for downloading and installing the version of Authorware Web Player appropriate for your version of Windows.

After clicking "Done" to answer a question while taking the MindLeaders course from the Web server or the Internet, I am taken back to the Signon page.

At the beginning of each training session, you must start by going to http://www.duncans.cajavascript:quickLogin(). The questions will not work if this Signon page is bypassed.

After entering my User ID and Password at the Signon page, I click the "SIGNON" button, but nothing happens.

This appears to be a browser configuration issue. It is necessary for JavaScript to be enabled. For example, enable JavaScript in Netscape Navigator or ensure "Run ActiveX scripts" is enabled in Internet Explorer. After making these changes, you will need to reload the page or restart the browser to apply the changes.

I'd like to report an error in one of the courses. Who should I contact?

Send the URL of the Web page and a description of the error to admin@duncans.ca

When attempting to run a simulation, I get the following Authorware error stating: "Function ReadExtFile on local files not allowed in non-trusting mode." What should I do?

Go to http://courses.mindleaders.com/dpec/shared/awsecure/awsecure.htm and follow the steps for Setting Authorware Web Player Security.