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Tribute to The Zone


We would be pleased to include your testimonial on our Tribute to The Zone site. Please e-mail the testimonial to us at The Duncans.

We would like you to include your proper name and email address, as well as your Country, City and State or Province. You may certainly include URL's in your testimonial to your favorite nutrition sites.

Before and after photos are welcome!

We would like you to include your email address so our readers may contact you directly with questions and comments.

John Duncan, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

We can introduce your testimonial right here! .,,,,................Just email it to us!!  

L.T. - November 1, 1998
After being turned down for a low risk life insurance policy because of
elevated something in his blood, my husband's doctor (who is an osteopath) told him to buy
Mastering the Zone, read it and do what it says. here for complete testimonial.

Karen - Spring Valley, California - Nov 1, 1998

At 44 years old, I was overweight, depressed and anxiety-ridden. I looked at my life and did not see anything that was so earth-shattering... here for complete testimonial.

Fred W. Holder October 26, 1998

I am Type II diabetic.

I was not healing as well as I had when I was younger and was starting to feel some numbness in the toes at times three years ago.

Two and a half years ago, I saw Barry Sears on television and liked what he said, I bought the book and tried his diet for two weeks like he here for complete testimonial.

Susan A. Hutyra/Bellcore - October 25, 1998

I have converted several people at work and I warn them about all of the energy they will have. Still, they are amazed at the energy and how good they actually feel - clear headed and active.

Feel free to use my name and e-mail address. I would love to convert here for complete testimonial.

Marci - October 21, 1998

Two years ago I was on a low-fat veggie diet that was heavily based on
starches. I was tired all the time. Getting out of bed in the mornings wasn't
just difficult, but painful as well because my feet hurt so badly. I wasn't
concerned though, because the federal government, my doctor and other
authorities informed me that this diet was good for me....
click here to find out what happened!

Confessions of a Born-Again Dieter October 18, 1998

It's not often that one can remember an exact day and time that changed one's life. But I know that my life changed on May 19, 1998 between 7:00 and 7:30 here for complete testimonial.

John Duncan - September 30, 1998 Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada (computer builder, sales, service, education)

Brian Sklar plays the fiddle, and he is known as one of Canada's top fiddle players. In August of 1997, just after he returned from playing a weekend gig in Europe, Brian and his wife Trudy were in our shop for a major upgrade to their computer. He asked me if I had ever heard of "The Zone", a new way of here for complete testimonial...

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